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April 02 2018

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The Trifecta of Web Design and the Three Burners Theory of Development

There is a theory in life that no single person can fully dedicate themselves to all parts of life. If they have a fantastic social life, their career may suffer. If they have a prosperous career, their health may suffer.

Three Burners

All in all, it is a juggling act to succeed on so many levels. It’s possible, but it’s hard. At certain times, some things are put to the wayside. The argument is called the three burners. It takes different forms, but the basic idea is the same. If a person focuses in one area, they are losing in others. They just can’t do it all alone.

It is a natural part of only having 24 hours a day and only so much energy. The concept can be applied to web design. A website has three major arcs, considered the trifecta of creating a high-quality website. These are design, development, and strategy.

Design, Development, Strategy

All websites are created from design, development, and strategy. The design is the actual look of the site. It incorporates how people navigate it, colors, and more. Development is the content of that website. It can include blog posts, about pages, social media updates, account features, and all the other pieces of the website’s thorough development.

The strategy is an offshoot of the development. Depending on the development, certain strategies may surface. How are these web features applied strategically? Where do users go and how do they even find the site in the first place? The website can evolve into a TV commercial or online video content, but they all make it the strategy.

With the three burner strategy, a website can have an excellent design but be weak in its strategy. Furthermore, the development can be amazing but the design is flat or uninspired. They are all vital to the success of the website, but only so much time can be dedicated to each one. At some point, something has to suffer.

This is the case if it is a sole project. Thankfully, it does not have to be. Small businesses can work with a video production team to create content that works. The content is in service of the design, the development, and the strategy.

The three burners strategy applies as a “solo.” It does not, however, work if a company has team members to apply themselves in every area and get the web design on the map. Contact us today for a consultation.

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